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Courses are tailored for each child and are integrated with AI technology to help kids master pronunciation.

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English Courses In The Monkey Junior Super App

English Courses In The Monkey Junior Super App

Monkey Go

Monkey Speak

For kids aged 3-11

Pronunciation and communication training course for children applying exclusive artificial intelligence technology M-Speak.

icon_mgo For kids aged 3-8
icon_mgo Updates coming soon!
icon_mgo Updates coming soon!
icon_mgo Updates coming soon!

Exclusive AI Technology Helps Kids Master Pronunciation

Provide accuracy scores of each word, each sentence and each paragraph in the stories.

Identify and score the stress of each word. Help kids improve and adjust to standard intonation from the very beginning.

Score the fluency of reading sentences and paragraphs. From there, make comments to help improve kids’ speaking speed.

Excited To Learn - Throughout The Learning Process

Videos and illustrations are vivid, attractive, and fun — stimulating kids’ curiosity and ambition to learn

Hundreds of interactive educational games help kids learn through play, maintaining their interest and engagement throughout the learning process

Exciting reward system encourages and motivates kids (with coins, stickers, pet items, etc.)

Diverse content types (poems, music, videos, conversations, storytelling, games, etc.) help kids approach language through various forms

Other Benefits Of Learning With Monkey Junior

One Account For Up To 3 Kids

Weekly Learning Reports

Learn Anytime And Anywhere

Learn On Multiple Devices

Monkey Junior - The Super App Loved By 15 Million Children Worldwide

After nearly 10 years of establishment and development, Monkey constantly strives to spread English and Early Childhood Education to more and more children in Vietnam and around the world.


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